Ahead of the December 7 elections, the United Nations Eminent Peace Ambassador in Ghana, Bishop Dr Sam Owusu, has cautioned all politicians in Ghana intending to instigate the youth of this country to engage in violence to abort such a plan.

He indicated that all politicians who instigate violence will account for a single life that would be lost in the elections.

Ghanaians are gearing up to go to the polls in December to elect a president and members of Parliament.

Adding his voice to calls for peace, Bishop Dr Sam Owusu said: “Every life is important and so nobody should shed blood to win polls.”

“Hard work can make you win the elections and not violence therefore there is no need to instigate the youth against each other to fight and kill for power.”

He added: “The youth must also not allow themselves to be used for violence. You are only giving somebody a job to do and so you don’t have to lose your life to do that.”


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