Husband of media personality MzGee, Raymond Acquah and Dr Gideon Boako of the office of the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia are embroiled in a war of words on social media over comments that MzGee was already working on a story about Psalm Adjeteyfio’s audio long before the audio leaked.

The veteran actor popularly known as TT has been trending since Tuesday for begging Mzgee for food in the leaked audio.

Different persons have so far been accused of the leak including MzGee, Dr Boako and lately Raymond Acquah.

In his reaction to accusations by MzGee that he leaked the audio after she sent it to him, Dr Boako also said he never qshared the audio and alleged that when the audio was sent to him, Raymond had told him that his wife was working on a story about it.

This presupposes that MzGee had intentions to put out the audio in public.

“…Your husband made me understand you had done a story on it but he is going to ask you to put it on hold. I thanked him,” Dr Boako stated.

Raymond who wasn’t happy about the allegation in a lengthy Facebook response vehemently denied the statement.

According to him, he never made any such a statement as he registered his displeasure with Dr Boako who also insisted that Raymond indeed said it.

Raymond wrote; Gideon Boako Doc, I was expecting after our discussion last night that your post will be taken down or amended to reflect the facts. At least that is what you agreed to do.

For the avoidance of doubt, 1. I only reached out on Jan 1, 2022, to seek clarification on the relationship established between your office and the actor and asked you to extend further help if it was possible.

2. At no point in that conversation did I suggest to you that she or I was writing a story on the voice note.

3. Since we agreed nothing on that voice note cast any bad light on your office why will you seek to stop its release or thank me for not writing a story on it?

4. I am equally shocked by the claim that I promised to kill such a story. I am absolutely certain no such statement came out of my mouth. She was right by my side during that conversation with you and when you asked me to share the voice note with you she gave me the green light.

5. I know you may have the ability to record phone conversations like the one that transpired between us on Saturday Jan 1, 2022 or have at your disposal top notch security technology to obtain same, please, I beg you in the name of God, publish it here let everybody listen to the conversation and determine for themselves whether I said anything about writing a story and or releasing any tape. Infact If you release the conversation and it backs your claims about an indication on my side to release any tape or write any story, I will resign from my current employment and never practise journalism ever again.

6. Even if you were incensed by what she wrote you gave me your word that you will take this down when I asked you to amend it to reflect the truth, I pray you keep your word.”

But Dr. Gideon Boako maintained his position about Raymond’s alleged comment.

e replied Raymond’s post saying, “Raymond this is not correct and I don’t think you have to do this. You indicated to me people at your office are telling you my post suggests you had done a story already before contacting me and so you asked if I could do something about it for you. I told you the post didn’t say so but rather indicated you mentioned during the conversation that your wife (madam) had penned something down but you would ask her to hold it and I thanked you. You were a bit doubtful you said so but I reminded you, you did. You asked me and said I cannot pull the post down but if I can amend some aspects. I told you they are the facts as presented but you and I go a long way so I wouldn’t mind even pulling the post down to avoid any further issues. I later told you to ask your wife also to pull down what she wrote so we are all on same slate. You indicated she was not at home and I insisted talk to her first to pull down. I thought in that spirit we could move ahead. Admittedly, I woke up this morning to see I missed your call around 11:30pm. I will not speak to all other issues raised since I made my part known in my reply to MzGee.

And sorry I don’t record phone conversations with anyone. I have never done it in my life. And this is the last time I am commenting on this. Cheers bro.”


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