Dr. Benjamin Okyere Ankrah, a Governance lecturer at Central University in Accra, has lambasted Members of Parliament for misconducting themselves during the dissolution of the 7th Parliament of the Forth Republic of Ghana.

The Members of Parliament (MPs) engaged in caustic arguments resulting in a near brawl as some of them violently kicked ballot boxes, run with ballot papers and almost ended up throwing punches at one another in the Legilative House.

The scenes at Parliament on Thursday, 7th January, 2021 were an eyesore.

The Military, at some point in time, stormed Parliament to prevent the further escalation of chaos; however their presence was against Parliamentary rules.

Dr. Benjamin Okyere Ankrah, in a panel discussion on Peace FM’s ”Kokrokoo”, bemoaned the activities that characterized the Legislative House.

To him, the MPs must bow their heads in utter shame for not conducting themselves honorably.

He also questioned ”who ordered for the Military to come [to] inside of the chamber?”

Citing scenes like the Tema West MP, Carlos Ahenkorah running away with ballot papers and Asawase MP, Hon. Mubarak Muntaka chasing after him with an aim to beat him up and Yapei Kusawgu MP, John Jinapor tumbling a security guard and further kicking ballot boxes coupled with many other incidents in the House, Dr. Okyere Ankrah was convinced some people don’t deserve to be in Parliament or be called Members of Parliament.

“Was he struck by kporporblibli or what?”, he asked about Carlos Ahenkorah.

”It was ‘nkurasesem’ that happened in Parliament,” he added.

He charged the Parliamentarians to apologize to Ghanaians for demeaning themselves.

“I would have expected that they will come and apologize . . . They must render an apology to the nation. I was shocked. At some point in time, when watching Muntaka, I thought I was watching an action movie,” he expressed his disappointment.


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