The Electoral Commission has urged the various candidates contesting in the 2020 polls as well as leadership of the various political parties to desist from issuing “unverified statements” during the ongoing electoral processes.

Such statements are heightening tension in the country, according to the EC.

The EC made the statement on the back of concerns raised by top officials of the opposition National Democratic Congress.

The NDC has among other things complained about alleged irregularities in parts of the country including the Asawase constituency.

In all such instances, the EC issued statements to dispute the claims.

“While the Commission encourages the public to report instances of electoral malpractice, we urge everyone to desist from issuing unverified statements that lead to unnecessary confusion and heightened tension. Such statements, especially when coming from leaders do not auger well for the peace of the nation. The Commission urges all candidates to exercise decorum and verify information before issuing media statements,” the EC added in the statement.

The EC used its statement to also react to claims that a man was attempting to stuff ballot boxes with thumb printed ballot papers.

The Electoral Commission said the ballot papers were fake.


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