CHRISTIANS have been sternly warned against relying on strange objects, given to them by false prophets, to save them in critical times.

Given the stern caution, Rev. Ransford Obeng, the Leader of Calvary Charismatic Center (CCC) in Kumasi, stated that mere objects have no power to save mankind.

According to him, it was only the spirit of God, through Jesus Christ, that has the power to save people, especially during times of spiritual attacks.

He was preaching a sermon during the December 31, 2021 Watch Night Service of CCC.

Rev. Obeng therefore entreated the citizenry, especially Christians, to live holy and acceptable lifestyles, so that the spirit of God would dwell in them at all times.

“It is not good to put your hope and trust in strange objects, given to you by those so-called prophets to save you when you are under severe spiritual attack.

“What will you do when you come under spiritual attack under the shower, when your so-called object, given to save you, is also in the bedroom?” he asked.

The CCC leader stated emphatically that “the best way to defeat spiritual attacks at all times was for mankind to have a constant and healthy relationship with God always.”

He advised, “Allow the Holy Spirit to live in you so that in times of need, what you utter from your mouth will save you, instead of relying on objects, which are powerless.”

Preaching on the topic, ‘God Is for Me’, Rev. Obeng indicated that God worked with faith, whilst the devil worked with fear.

According to him, he would rather inculcate the spirit of God in his congregation so that they can work on their own salvation, and not teach them to rely on man-made objects or created things.

Rev. Obeng advised Ghanaians to be law-abiding and contribute their quota through legitimate businesses and help in the transformational processes of the state.


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