A private legal practitioner, Christian Lebrechet Malm-Hesse, has noted that the prosecution will have a tough time to successfully prosecute the case of the alleged murder of the law Professor Emmanuel Yaw Benneh.

This follows the death of the prime suspect in the case, James Nana Womba.

Mr Malm-Hesse told Stephen Anti on Midday Live on TV3 Monday, October 19 that the police will now have to rely on circumstantial evidence to conduct the case.

This, he explained, is difficult because the evidence that will need to be gathered under a circumstantial approach may have been tampered with, a situation that create difficulties for the state.

“The prosecution has big legal hurdle to climb,” he said.

The suspect is reported to have died at the Police Hospital in Accra on Monday, October 19

“This is not a good one for the prosecution team. He is the one who mentioned names leading to arrests of others

“The police will now have to depend on circumstantial evidence and that is going to be a little bit hurdle for the prosecution.”


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