The Bureau of Public Safety has called for National Defense, which is responsible for monitoring Ghana’s territorial borders, to take over investigations into the grenade explosion at South La Beach in Accra.

The Bureau in a statement said the upcoming election made issues concerning public safety more sensitive.

“We are indeed worried over this development and its possible impact on public safety assurance, especially in the lead to Election 2020.”

The explosion caused injuries to four children who were playing along the La Beach on August 5, 2020.

All four have so far been treated and discharged.

Some residents at South La have expressed fears about their safety.

The Greater Accra Regional Police Command has cautioned the public following the incident and is believed to be investigating the incident.

But the Bureau insists that more urgency should be attached to the incident.

“We, therefore, call on the Government to escalate the investigation from the Police CID jurisdiction to the National Defense jurisdiction for swift and exhaustive investigations to be carried out to establish the likely motive and circumstances leading to military-grade grenades appearing on our shores with less than 4 months to a Presidential election.”

Among the questions it had on the incident, the Bureau asked:

“How did military-grade grenades arrive at our shores? How far can these grenades be traced? Were the grenades washed ashore or someone or a group of persons “acting out” just dumped the grenades at the beach? Could there be more of such mass-casualty ballistics within the jurisdiction in rogue hands?”

In view of this, it said it was also imperative that National Defense “deploy intelligence beyond these investigations to secure our territorial integrity and assure the public of its safety.”


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