An anonymous gentleman has shared how his wife discarded him after she traveled to the United States to seek greener pastures.

Read his sad story:

I am no more in a marriage relationship with my spouse (she’s left me for another man in the USA). She’s in the USA as a permanent resident. We were all here and I decided to send her to the USA. She went came on 3 occasions but our marriage grew sour.

I am currently in Africa and don’t have a USA visa and there are no immediate plans to travel there either. My ex-wife is currently married to another man in the USA. Am not married yet, but our 2 young girls are with me, 11 and 8 years. My ex-wife wants to take custody of both children in the USA (the 8-year girl is a US citizen. She didn’t put my name on my child’s US birth certificate. In fact, she was pregnant before leaving for the USA for the first time. (The child is actually my child).

Another problem is that she doesn’t support me financially not even with the child’s financial benefits she collects from the US government. The child was brought to me at the age of 5 months, and she left for the US when the child was 10 months old.

Financially she’s sound, bought car for her mom, bought a house, and a plot of land etc.

Furthermore, I am very apprehensive and skeptical and further doubt the integrity of the man who snatched my wife, the roof under which my children are going to be trained, and be socialized. It is important to note that I fought this matter between my ex-wife, her new man when I got the information he was snatching my wife from me.

I did not win; the man took my wife. Now my ex-wife wants the children in the USA, but I also don’t want them to go now and stay with them particularly the man who is now my worst enemy until they have both completed secondary School or even university here with me. By then they’d have both matured and known right from wrong as well as who their father is so that no one pollutes their mind about whatever.


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