The National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) flagbearer, former President John Dramani Mahama says an independent audit of the results of this year’s general elections will help to put matters to rest.

According to him, the Electoral Commission (EC) has demonstrated gross incompetence in the conduct of the elections, particularly in the collation of this year’s elections results.

Speaking in an interview with the Voice of America’s (VOA) Peter Clottey, Mr Mahama described the 2020 elections as the most incompetent elections that the EC has ever supervised.

“This is the most incompetent elections we’ve had. I mean, everything about this elections does not reach the standards that Ghana’s Electoral Commission has attained for itself,” he said.

He added, “I think that the incompetence that the EC has shown, will be useful for us to do a forensic audit of the EC’s own systems and the numbers to come to what the final number for the EC is because as at now, I don’t know what number they are going to gazette.”

Former President Mahama also indicated that he had not conceded defeat in the December polls in the interest of the over six million people who voted for him, saying if he lost fairly, he would be the first to concede, however, it is improper to sweep the chaotic elections under the carpet in the name of democracy, when democracy enjoins us to stand for what is fair and just.

He said in his “principles as a democrat,” he cannot accept the results of a discredited elections, saying “In my principles as a democrat, I can’t be seen to be sweeping it under the carpet and let it go”

He said if an independent audit is done on the EC’s results and the outcome proves that he had lost the elections, he will accept it and walk away as he had done in the past.

For him, as long as an independent audit is not done and he (Mahama) knowing that there was a deliberate attempt to subvert the will of voters by the government and the EC, it will be wrong on his part to let it go.


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