The immediate past Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, has said the Assin Central Member of Parliament has no credibility, therefore, his comment that he went to Germany for medical checks should be ignored.

He dared Kennedy Agyapong to publish any document on his medical status if he has any.

Mr Agyapong had asked Amidu to produce his health records for assessment.

He explained that the nomination and subsequent approval of him as the Special Prosecutor for the Republic of Ghana was a big trap that was set up by the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) against the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The NPP firebrand alleged that the leadership of the main opposition party knew of the health issues that would have interfered with his work but decided not to make it an issue during his vetting by the appointment committee of Parliament.

If they had raised this particular issue, according to Mr Agyapong, it was most likely that Mr Amidu would have been dropped.

He added that this situation would have saved the government from the embarrassment it is experiencing at the moment following the reasons Mr Amidu cited for his resignation.

Speaking on Net 2 TV, Kennedy Agaypong dared Martin Amidu to “produce his medical records the checks he went to do in Germany”.

“Mahama Ayariga wanted to raise this issue during his vetting but Mahama stopped him from doing that because he was setting a trap for the NPP. Mahama knew a day like this will come where Amidu would turn against the government and that is exactly what has happened.

“Martin Amidu thinks he’s a ‘tin god’. He should bring his medical records from Germany, I dare him. Bring your medical records from Germany to determine if you’re normal,” Kennedy Agyapong charged in a flared-up tone.

He continued: “Ayariga was going to take him on to produce his medical records and explain why he went to Germany [but] Mahama told him to stop. ‘Don’t raise this question at the Appointment Committee’. Mahama advised them not to raise that issue [about] the medical records and it was never brought up because they knew that one [day] this will happen.”

But speaking in an interview with journalist Umaru Sanda Thursday, November 19, Martin Amidu said: “The information is coming from a person who has lost credibility as far as truth is concerned.

“Kennedy Agyapong is known in Ghana as someone who lies against anyone who tries to fight corruption.”

He further denied travelling to Germany for medical check-ups.

“I have never been to Germany on any occasion, let alone for medical check-up. His allegations are false. If he has any documents he should produce it.

“He says it is [former] President Mahama who asked Mahama Ayariga not to publish those documents, president Mahama is alive he should speak to out.”


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