Former President John Dramani Mahama has noted that his brother Mr Ibrahim Mahama who is a businessman, was never awarded a government contract when he Mr Mahama was the president of Ghana.

He noted that the work that Ibrahim did on the Odaw River  was for free because he personally wanted to help the people of Accra to deal with floods.

Speaking to electorate in Accra as part of his campaign ahead of the December 7 elections, Mr Mahama said New Patriotic Patriotic Party (NPP) when in opposition told lies to the people of Ghana against him to the effect that he was awarding juicy contracts to his brother.

But he said “Give me one evidence of a contract that I gave to my brother to dredge the Odaw river. My brother was doing the project free of charge, he never charged a pesewa but you had leading figures of the NPP saying I gave the contract worth GHS 200million.”

He also noted that claims that he built hotels in Dubai were also false.

“They said I had built hotels in Dubai, I have ships in Tokyo, they said DKM was mine.

“If I have hotels is in Dubai I dare them to go and look for it, sell it and come and invest the money in Ghana’s economy,” he said.


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