A group called the ‘Kofi Adda Grassroots for Peace and Development’ wants the defeated New Patriotic Party parliamentary candidate for Navrongo Central constituency, who doubles as Upper East Regional Minister, Tangoba Abayage, to immediately resign for her abysmal performance in the just-ended elections.

According to the group, her defeat by over 11,000 votes and the failure of the party to retain its three seats indicate her failure to market the NPP to achieve its target in the region.

The group alleged that Madam Abayage left out Kofi Adda and his supporters from her campaign activities with the conviction that, she will win the seat without their support.

But Tangoba Abayage after losing by 11,126 votes to her contender, Sampson Chiragia, accused Kofi Adda of masterminding her defeat.

Addressing a press conference on Thursday, December 10, 2020, to debunk allegations made by Abayage, Convener for the group; Ing. David Nyerere Adda, blamed the NPP constituency executives and Tangoba Abayage for her defeat.

“If Kofi Adda actually wanted to sabotage Tangoba Abayage’s campaign, he would have stood independent to thwart her chances, but he did not do so. Kofi Adda’s hands are clean. Tangoba Abayage and her team said they did not need Kofi Adda and his team to win the seat, and they left Kofi Adda and his team out of their campaign programme”.

“Tangoba Abayage insulated hairdressers and market women that they were dirty and useless and drove them away from her house whilst the NDC’s Sampson Chiragia received them, danced with them, and provided them with food and money for their function.”

“Nobody brought down Tangoba Abayage. She brought herself down with the aid of the Municipal Chief Executive for Kassena-Nankana municipal William Aduum, the NPP’s Chairman for Navrongo Central Constituency and some others”.

The group is therefore demanding the immediate resignation of Tangoba Abayage as Upper East Regional Minister along with Constituency Executives of Navrongo Central for the NPP’s poor performance in the region.

“We are calling for the immediate resignation of the entire Navrongo Central Constituency NPP executive and the Municipal Chief Executive for their inability to keep the party united in the constituency. Thus, the humiliating performance of the party in the just-ended general elections. It is shameful to note that NPP lost in the polling stations where the MCE, the Chairman, the First Vice-Chairman, and even the parliamentary candidate herself Tangoba Abayage.”

“We also call on the Regional Minister to do the honourable thing and leave office because, out of the fifteen(15) constituencies in the region, NPP won only one seat and lost the previous three seats which were occupied by the party. This is because the Regional Minister Tangoba Abayage couldn’t market the party well in the region”.


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