It has become a tradition at the the various “trotro” stations particularly Accra Central (Tudu – Cocobod) lane for all trotro drivers together with their conductors to increase the lorry fares outrageously after 4:00pm due to the massive demands of Ghanians.

The standard prices after 4:00pm at Accra and Circle respectively changes just to satisfy the market available. The normal Accra-Pokuase fare that’s Gh¢ 3.40p changes to Gh¢ 5.00 after the above time mentioned leaving the trotro market subjecting their customers to Capitalism.

When we in one voice screamed for the betterment of the nation yet at the back of it we create the problems ourselves at the expense of others just to satisfy our pockets then there’s a need to stop screaming and live peacefully under any leadership.

If the average Ghanaian cannot relax at work to increase productivity just because he or she’s to rush to pick up a car in order to

  1. Escape the unreasonable vehicular traffic in town,
  2. The Unreasonable increase in price at the time he or she will close from work
  3. And also to get home and relax in order to go work with a renewed energy

Then as a nation we are losing to some petty problems that can easily be solved.

  1. The police command in charge of MTTD must as a matter of urgency be proactive in discharging their duties.
  2. The various Transportation companies must be called to order to deter them from increasing transport fares at their individual wills.
  3. Government must also be proactive in using state transport systems to the benefit of he people.

That’s to say, the unreasonable for the lack of works loading of passengers in Ayalolo by its conductors and drivers is a threat to life. How on earth would a buss of 40 seater load 46 passengers standing making it 86 passengers on board? What is the essence of ventilation? Have we already thrown the COVID-19 protocols to the dogs or we are just deceiving Ghanaians for nothing? Is that not insanity for God sake?

That notwithstanding, the state busses should work to the benefit of the very people who’s taxes have been used to purchase these busses. The state busses should continually run shifts (drivers) day and night to safeguard the people and to ease the daily”kalabule” struggle of the Ghanaian to get home after work.

Whilst we languish in poverty in this country, our economic management and the basic understanding of supply and demand in economics should aid our daily living. As citizens, we seems to be helpless even in these trotro busses. Dear IGP Ghana Police Service I am calling on you on behalf of the many Ghanaians suffering these extortions at our “trotro” loading stations just because demand is high and so capitalism must dance in front of the people.

I am one of the sad youths.

Daniel Kwame Zah


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