A Ghanaian pastor, Sylvester Ofori, has been arrested by US authorities for allegedly killing his wife.

The 35-year-old man of God is accused of shooting dead his 27-year-old wife, Barbara Tommey.

The shooting incident reportedly took place outside the deceased’s workplace at the Navy Federal Credit Union near the Mall at Millenia in the wee hours of Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

Confirming the report, the spokesman of the Orlando Police Department indicated that Tommey was declared dead at Orlando Regional Medical Center a few moments after she was rushed into the hospital for medical attention.

Ofori was later found in his apartment on Tuesday and was taken into custody, according to reports.

Reports say the ‘killer pastor’ dropped tell-tale signs on Facebook about his unstable mind and violent intent.

In a pinned post he wrote on 22 August, he says “When you start looking at people’s heart instead of their face, life becomes clear”.

On 24 August, he posted: “I truly believe that every single person has to go through something that absolutely destroys them so that they can figure out who they really are”.

On 28 August, Ofori shared another message: “A tiger’s tongue is so strong that it can remove paint from the wall, and help to remove the skin from flesh of its prey, classified as the second most dangerous tongue after the tongue of woman.”

A day before he shot Barbara, he also dropped this eerie message: “One thing people gotta understand about extremely kind, nice, loving people, is that their other side is just as extreme.”

According to reports from Tommey’s family, Tommey was constantly physically abused by her husband and was persuaded by her family to leave him. But Sylvester tracked her to her workplace.

Jennifer Tommey issued a statement on behalf of Barbara’s family:

“It is with great sadness that the Tommey family announces the passing of Barbara Tommey. She was shot and killed by her husband this morning in front of her Job.

“She was 27 years old. She was a happy person that loved everyone. She loved her family deeply, especially her nieces.

“Please keep the Tommey in your prayers as we try and figure out what the next steps are.”

Ofori is currently being held at the Orange County Jail without bond on a charge of first-degree murder with a firearm.


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