A Staff of Ghana Education Service in New Juaben South Municipal Education Directorate in the Eastern Regional Capital has been found dead at his office.

The deceased identified as Jerry Azaglo, was the assistant coordinator of Technical and Vocational Education training (TVET) was found dead while sitting on his chair.

Starr News Sources say, the wife of the deceased got alarmed noticing the husband had not returned home as at 8:00pm.

She stormed his workplace in the evening to enquire from the security man whether or not he had seen the husband.

Later after the woman left, the security man decided to search all the offices. He found the man’s office unlocked, curiously switched on the light only to see the man sitting on his chair motionless.

The security man quickly informed his superiors who reported the incident to the Police.

Police personnel from the Koforidua District Police command arrived at the scene and after taking inventories took the motionless body to the Hospital where he was medically pronounced dead.

The cause of death is being investigated, however, information gathered indicate the deceased had underlying medical condition.


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