First Lady Rebecca Akufo-Addo has given female football in the country a ray of hope.

Through her activism and powerful statements, the First Lady of the land is living up to the Biblical Rebecca,  who stood for kindness, humility and influence.

She demonstrates this beautifully in her drive towards changing the narrative about women’s football in Ghana.

The mother of the Nation has extended a much needed helping hand to women’s football in Ghana; at a time when needed the most, thereby paving way for a new conversation to be had concerning driving investment and attention for the women’s game in Ghana.

Her passion to see growth for women’s football in a male dominant field has seen the creation of the novel First Lady’s Cup with the maiden edition kicking off this month at the Accra Stadium.

The First Lady’s Cup is the female equivalent of the much popular, President’s Cup.

The competition is a brainchild of the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) and its partners and seeks to bring glory and honor to the office of the First Lady of the land through football.

The maiden edition takes place on December 10 and will pit two of Ghana’s best female sides, Hasaacas Ladies FC and Ampem Darkoa Ladies against each other for the ultimate.

At the launch of the event, the first Lady seized the moment to hammer on the need for a more collaborative effort towards changing the narrative about women’s football.

She mentioned that the First Lady’s Cup competition “ushers in a new Era for women’s football in Ghana”. 


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