The Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, has advised the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to go to court to ‘cure any mischief’ they might suspect regarding to the 2020 General Elections.

To him, anything short of that will be a “waste of time“.

The NDC has rejected the results of the 2020 elections. Former President Mahama while speaking for the first time after Akufo-Addo was declared winner of the December 7eletion described the results as fictitious and said they will use every legitimate means to ensure the ‘wish of Ghanaians for a change‘ is respected.

Speaking to this on JoyFM‘s Newsfile programme, Saturday, Kweku Baako recalled when Akufo-Addo petitioned the Supreme Court to challenge the outcome of the 2012 election and advised Mahama and the NDC to do same.

It’s quite an ironic situation that now the tables have reversed and President Mahama may have to go to court, I wish he does same because it will improve the democratic dispensation that we have given ourselves since the past years…Anything else he does; demonstrations, hunger strike, everything, though legitimate and democratic, they are not a substitute for judicial determination relative to declarations made by the Electoral Commission,” he said.

He has further “encouraged the NDC; whatever they want to do in the streets . . . they are entitled to do it but they should know that they can never cure the mischief or perceived mischief unless they go to the appropriate forum . . . otherwise what they are doing is a sheer waste of precious time and space“.


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