Multiple award-winning gospel singer, Joyce Blessing, has bemoaned the sabotage she is enduring at the hands of her husband, Dave Joy.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with, Joyce Blessing revealed that her original social media handles were still under the control of Dave Joy.

According to her, unlike popular belief, details of the social media handles have not been handed over to her and content posted there are posted in her name when she has clearly not given permission for that to be done.

She said the original account had three users: herself, Dave Joy and one other person but she had been denied access as the log-in credentials have been changed and now known only
by the 2 others.

In recounting her ordeal, Joyce Blessing added that for peace to prevail, she decided to let go of the old accounts and create new ones but she is not finding it easy.

She indicated that her new accounts are also being sabotaged by Dave Joy and it has made the website minimize her usage and bringing her efforts to naught.

Joyce Blessing indicated that Dave Joy had reported her new account and that has made it difficult for her to post content there.

“…before i post on the new account, Dave Joy has already posted similar content on my old account… thus when i eventually do post my own content, it is regarded as an infringement on copyright,” she lamented.

Joyce Blessing added that the sabotage from Dave Joy was so disturbing that she is even unable to post all her virtual concerts on the social media pages, especially, YouTube.

She added that the sabotage and report on her new account has now been flagged and she has to prove that she is the originator of the content or risk losing the new accounts as well.

“…i am taking care of the three kids and this kind of sabotage from Dave Joy makes things difficult to maintain their upkeep….all my previous works (songs) were done with no binding contract with Dave Joy but i was to work with him for a certain number of years….anyone interacting with me on my old social media pages are not actually dealing with me but with Dave Joy,” she shockingly revealed.

Joyce Blessing said she wanted to update her fans and followers on all that was happening and also urged them to keep supporting her music.

The “I Swerve” singer urged all her fans and followers to be abreast with news about her by liking and following her new social media handles: Unbreakablejb1 on IG and Joyce Blessing Unbreakable on YouTube.

Joyce Blessing and her husband are reportedly on the path of divorce and news of their separation made headlines in the country a couple of months ago.



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