Presidential Candidate for the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP) Dr. Henry Herbert Lartey has challenged former president and colleague presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Dramani Mahama to concede defeat if he is a true statesman.

He has as well censured the leadership of NDC for their constant and persistent claims in calling the election flawed and thus rejecting its outcome.

Dr. Lartey wants NDC to accept the election results as declared by Electoral Commission, Ghana (EC) on Wednesday to strengthen Ghana’s nurturing democracy.

He is livid at the constant claims by the NDC that they have won majority in Parliament and that, therefore, automatically establishes their win in the presidential race.

Speaking on the Yen Sempa morning show on Onua FM on Friday, December 11, the GCPP leader, who poled 3,564 votes in the elections, chided the NDC leadership for creating unnecessary tension in the country and insisted that the process was peaceful, transparent and free and fair.

He reiterated that Mr. Mahama is a fine gentleman who loves peace but he is only adamant in conceding defeat because he is being misled and given false hope by party executives.

He told host Nana Okyere Awurukuo that he regards the insistent decision by the NDC in rejecting the election results as irrational and incoherent and only seeks to undermine Ghana’s hard-earned democracy.

“If they claim to be true Ghanaians then they should stop what they are doing and let us move this country forward and build the country and create jobs so that Ghana will grow.”

The GCPP Presidential Candidate, whose total votes represented 0.027 percent, has also opined that the NDC has no figures to back their claims, hence the need for them to concede defeat to allow peace to reign.

Dr. Henry Lartey thus revealed that the Akufo-Addo-led government has performed better than NDC in the past four years, stressing that he is ready to support and share his expertise in making his new government succeed.


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