Gospel musician, Cecilia Marfo, has revealed how she is enjoying the fruit of her ministry, despite setbacks she has faced in the last years.

Four years after she went dead in the ministry after she suffered some personal lapses, she said she never lost hope, but activly participated in her evangelism.

It is this same work that she said attracted some well-wishers, typically Ghanaian men whom she claims were motivated by her steadfastness.

After listening to her sermon, the ‘Afunuba’ hitmaker recounted how these men would gift her hefty amounts.

“The Word of God is so precious to me, just like my music. When God tempted me, I passed the test because I did not lose hope. I continued the ministry people really gifted me stuff. Ghanaian men really blessed me with cash. Some came in cheque, Dollars, Cedis and even Pounds,” she said in the studios of Accra FM.

Elaborating how she has benefitted, she said she received donations from similar persons for her evangelism car.

Others, who did not have the financial muscles, she added, supported her with some words of encouragement.


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