Songs have the power to influence the behaviour of the listener, Music producer, Morris Babyface has said.

According to him, songs like Kidi’s “thunder” have repercussions on the listener.

“Spoken words impact lives, so if one sings an adulterated song which contains imminent curse pronouncement, such person is likely to suffer the consequences.”

“’If I leave you may thunder fire me’ how can you say this to yourself when you know you are not faithful…. but because of its sweet melody, you may ignore the words, but then again these are curse pronouncements,” he said.

He stressed that the meaning of the lyrics of a song often eludes the listener because of its sweet tunes.

The producer, born, Marx Morris Twumasi, insisted that the same way God can inspire songwriters to write good songs, the devil also has the power to inspire.

“Since I started my ministry, we often go to schools to minister to them and often during deliverance services, God directs us to sing instead of praying, and people are healed,” he added.

He further explained that he has stopped producing circular music as the ‘devil’ has diluted it.

“I do not record circular songs anymore; we must be aware that anything said has its impact on our lives. We sometimes make certain pronouncements and wonder where some hardships come from” he told Kumasi-based Pure FM’s Hammer.


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