Actress Benedicta Gafah has appeared in the news and this time, it is not for her flawless makeup or glamorous poses but for a wardrobe malfunction.

The actress was seen in a photo standing in front of a house wearing what looked like a USA-themed dress.

She appeared flawless as usual and glowed in her expertly-done make up as she spreads her legs apart while standing.

The photo also saw the actress and TV show host wearing some stunners and hoop earrings as she poses for the camera.

She captioned the photo: “God don’t play about me, seen it a multiple times.”

However, some social media police pointed out to the actress’ left hip area which appeared a bit abnormal.

Some people, with scrutiny, claimed that the actress was putting on a hip pad that had gotten misplaced.

A critical look at the area showed that there appeared to be a swell around that region – an indication that something was placed there.

Some fans took to the comment section to voice out their observations. xander_cage5 wrote: “Ur hip pad don shift.”


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