The Head Pastor and Founder of Mount Zion Prayer Ministry International, Dr Ernest Obeng, has called on the hierarchy of the various security services in the country to be more strategic in 2021 because Ghana would experience high rate of armed robbery.

According to him, the situation would escalate to the point where citizens would be afraid to go out for their normal duties and this would bring pressure on the ruling government.

Speaking at the December 31st Watch Night, the man of God said “the devil would torment Ghanaians with series of armed robbery, people would lose their lives through it and there would be two bank robberies in Ghana involving Nigerians.”

“What would make it more serious is the fact that the police would not be able to control the rate of armed robbery,” he stated.

The man of God made the revelation at his Lapaz head office of the church.

Speaking on the theme ‘Taking Dominion,’ Dr Obeng said the high rate of armed robbery involving Nigerians in Ghana would ruin the good relationship between these two countries if not treated well.

The Pastor cautioned the world leaders to be conscious of another deadly virus more deadly than Coronavirus that would wreak havoc. He revealed that the world would underrate the new virus and if prayer is not offered in 2021 more people would die.

“But those who would work hard and not depend on people by trusting in the Lord would succeed. 2021, those who would depend on people would fail miserably but rather those who would press the land would surely subdue,” he stated.

He revealed further that Ghana and Ivory Coast would take a decision on cocoa pricing worldwide which he said would enrich the two nations to the point that Ghana would become rich financially.

Dr Obeng said internationally, there would be a bailout for Africa and Ghana would be chosen to manage that funds. “I saw $254 billion, the first batch $100 billion came, second batch $100 billion and $54 billion, and this will bring relief to Ghana.”

He revealed that there would be confusion in the ruling New Patriotic Party run up to the 2024 general election and that if not managed well would cause the party dearly.

The man of God added that the security operatives in the country should be hard on land guard situation because there would a series of land guard activities in the capital city to the extent of recording mass deaths.


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