01/8What pushes a husband away?

Do you often complain that your husband does not pay you the same attention as he used to earlier? Or, wondered if he is in love with someone else because you do not share the same chemistry anymore. A lot of time, a woman might not be aware of certain behaviour, which might be pushing away her husband. Let’s look at a few instances that might be causing a crack in a marriage and you might not even be aware of it.

02/8You always count what he can do for you

This is a very common situation. Do you often find yourself counting what he can do or does for you? And end up blaming him when he fails to meet your expectation. This puts undue pressure on the man and in the long run, it can cause irreversible damage.

03/8Comparing with others

Thanks to social media, we have easy access to other’s life and invariably end up comparing our lives with theirs. It’s not surprising to catch yourself comparing your husband with others and blaming him for all the things that are missing in your life. Remember, every individual is unique and when you compare two individuals, you end up being unfair to both.

04/8Lack of gratitude

A lot of time we take our partners for granted and the small but meaningful things they do for us escape our notice. If you have stopped being grateful for the beautiful relationship you share with your husband and the joy he brings in your everyday life, you are pushing him to a corner and this definitely makes him feel unwanted.

05/8When you stop taking care of yourself

What can be more irritating in a marriage than taking your spouse for granted? Remember the days of your courtship when you could hardly wait to meet your boyfriend. You would dress up, put on a little make-up and look your best when you go to meet him. When you stop taking care of yourself over the years and no longer make an effort to look presentable to him, it’s a sign that you do not feel the same level of excitement to be with him. Which, of course, makes him feel dejected.

06/8Not taking initiatives while making love

Do you always look forward to your husband to take initiative while making love? Many believe that it is a man’s responsibility to take sexual initiatives in a relationship but nothing is as far from the truth than this. In fact, if you always depend on your husband for romance, it might indicate your lack of interest and this might make him believe that you don’t love him as you did earlier.

07/8When you prioritise work, home and children before him

Our priorities change with time. As the years pass by, our responsibilities also increase, be it in our personal or professional life. As a result of which, many women start giving more attention to her children or her career. While she may not realise it, but it can make her husband feel unwanted resulting him to grow distant from her.

08/8When you stop believing in his abilities

We all take great pride in our abilities and husbands are no different. And nothing gives him more confidence when his wife trusts his strength. Sadly, with time we become so self-dependent that we forget to have faith in your spouse’s abilities to get certain things done. And this might inevitably make the man feel insecure and unintentionally pushes him away from you.

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